112.296 +/- Net Mineral Acres Undivided Interest For Sale in Eddy County, New Mexico

  • 112.96 +/- net mineral acres out of 280.72 +/- gross acres.
  • Minerals are located near Carlsbad New Mexico.
  • Portions of the minerals have some marginal older Atoka/Morrow gas production with older leases and portions are open for lease.
  • Minerals are in Sections 2 and 3, T-22-S, R-26 E Eddy County NM. 
  • Detailed legal breakout – again note seller owns 40% of the gross:
    • ​​​​​​​Sec 2 T-22-S, R-26E gross acres 13.87
    • Sec 2 T-22-S, R-26E gross acres 79.87
    • Sec 3 T-22-S, R-26-E gross acres 28.5
    • Sec 3 T-22-S, R-26-E gross acres 78.5
    • Sec 3 T-22-S,R-26-E gross acres 80


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