Oil & Gas Mineral Sales / Brokering Services

All of our listings are marketed by our Mineral Sales Group Team

  • We market your properties through our website, internet media, email, publications, brochures and extensive buyer contact list.
  • Our team is constantly making suggestions and recommendations to buyers and sellers on the asset and market trends for the geographical area.
  • Current marketing list contains over 2,500 qualified buyers.
  • Buyers are responsible for the due diligence to determine if an asset satisfy all legal requirements prior to closing.
  • Minerals Sales Group will authenticate and analyze all offers.
  • All assets are placed under a Purchase and Sale Agreement with terms and conditions for the purchase.
  • We use third parties, either Title Companies or Attorneys, to distribute the deed to the buyer and the funds to the seller. Title companies will not warrant or insure Mineral Deeds and are only used to distribute funds and deeds to the appropriate parties.

This is a very simple and time-tested process that gives security and comfort to both our buyers and sellers.


 We can determine the efficiency, performance and negotiate transactions for investors looking for competitive assets. Data is strategically organized into a variety of categories including future market outlook to identify the size and scope of investor interest.



Financial analysis

Design and drilling techniques for a specific asset

Questions are anticipated and answered

Deliver a package with recommendation of which assets for anticipated funds provide the best chance for profit

Negotiate and assist in the purchase process


The information contained on this website is deemed reliable, but is not warranted by Mineral Sales Group LLC or its Sellers, express or implied. Visitors and Buyers are urged to verify representations on their own, and draw their own conclusions regarding usefulness, value and other described aspects of the listings offered herein.